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As we are probably all now aware, the Brabazon Clan is not homogenous but rather a mosaic of smaller genetic groupings, sometimes explicable by descent via a Brabazon female line, sometimes due to the adoption of the Brabazon name for various known or unknown reasons. By casting the discussion network as wide as possible perhaps we can begin to shed more light on each of the sub-lineages of the Clan - worldwide brainstorming, so to speak!

The Earl and Countess of Meath remain the standard bearers of the Brabazon name, and I think we would all agree that we have an excellent family at the very heart of the Brabazon Clan. Across the spectrum of our Family we are a good microcosm of Irishness in all its cultural forms and our cohesiveness in diversity is perhaps the best testimony to the greatness of our ancestors. So start blogging and let's see where it goes!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Hosted by Betty Brabazon Chapman and daughter Sarah Chapman

We attended the 113 year old "Daddy of 'em All" Cheyenne Frontier Days Parade and Rodeo, toured the fairgrounds and Indian Village, the exhibit halls, the Old West Museum and Art Gallery, and attended the Pancake Breakfast at the Depot Plaza (along with 10,000 other people).  The service was amazingly fast and the food was good!  We toured the Terry Bison Ranch by rail car and later feasted on Buffalo burgers.  Some folks also camped (parked trailers or rented cabins) at the Terry Bison Ranch where we had a meeting room for getting together and visiting.  The entire Cheyenne Frontier Days celebration is run by volunteers and it seems to always go off without a hitch every year.  We had a good time.  It was fun and with a small group, it was easier to get together and visit.

Photo in Old Fashioned Attire:
Left to Right - AJ Brabazon and wife Shirley (with purple boa), Dennis Stauffer and wife Mary (in red), Mike Chapman (my husband in red sumbrero), our daughter Sarah Chapman holding baby Sterling, Sarah's husband Jason Delo (with gun)
Front - Tyler's son Kagen Chapman (winking), our son Tyler Chapman (in brown hat), Tyler's daughter Katie Chapman (in pink and red), Betty Brabazon Chapman (in purple and black)

By Betty Chapman

Sunday, January 12, 2014


The 2007 Reunion was organized by Chris & Carol Brabazon in the USA:

“The Carnival Fun Ship "GLORY" is the ocean liner that we held the 2007 Brabazon Family Reunion aboard.  It was built in Italy in the year 2003 and with it only being in use by Carnival for four years it appeared to be brand new, as everything was just superb!  Departing from Florida, we called at Conzumel, Freeport-Bahamas, Honduras and Belize.  We had families represented from New Zealand, Australia, and several States within the United States (Florida, Pennsylvania, Wyoming, Kansas, Michigan, Georgia) just to mention a few.”


From Ann Shevill’s Diary 2003:

The Brabazon Family Reunion 2003 was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended - more than seventy personalities from Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK and Ireland. Visitors lived in and about Dublin or were temporarily accommodated in or near Bray in County Wicklow just south of Dublin.
Our gracious and generous hosts were the Earl and Countess of Meath - Jack and Xenia Brabazon, ably supported by their family. They had arranged a splendid weekend programme; which on Saturday 13th September centered on their home Killruddery House and the Estate gardens and farm. Elizabeth, Lady Meath (Grannie Betty) seemed to be chatting happily to visitors all day and into the night. Also, who could ever forget little doll Bridget Brabazon, favourite with the seven other energetic girls, or Big little boy Barney Brabazon
Michael Brabazon's address on the History of the Family from 1066 was thoroughly researched and well received at the commencement of the day. Everyone was kept busy touring the House and the historic very extensive Gardens, enjoying an hilarious hay-ride courtesy of David Brabazon to see splendid views from sea to farm on the high slopes of Small Sugar Loaf Mountain, having fun assembling for the group photo, and enjoying ever ready refreshments. Most people even fitted in visits to Christ Church, Bray to see the many Brabazon memorials there, and to the Bray Town Hall, which was built in 1882 as a gift to the town by the 12th Earl of Meath. A small coach was available to transport us between venues both by day and night
On Sunday 14th September we joined a large coach and much enjoyed Finola Finlay's informative commentary about County Wicklow, and visits to Wicklow Historic Gaol and Glendalough Monastery - excellent tourist venues. Warm sun shone on us as we ate our provided picnic lunch on the lush lawns.
The Gala Dinner held on the Saturday night in the magnificent Killruddery Orangery was a very memorable occasion. A touch popular with young and old just before the conclusion was a small group of delightful children entertaining us with Irish dancing. Serena Brabazon also charmed us with her violin playing.
Jack took the opportunity to thank those whose recent contributions had been exceptional - Michael for his splendid History address and his work to develop the web site, Shauna for her tremendous effort to create the Ultimate Brabazon Family Tree, and Finola for her excellent commentary on the Wicklow coach tour.
For me [Ann Shevill] there was the surprise presentation of a handsome heirloom, an engraved silver salver.


From the Dublin 'Evening Press' 14 September 1993:

They came from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, America, Britain and from the length and breadth of Ireland. The Worldwide Reunion of people named Brabazon was held in Bray, Co Wicklow and Swinford, Co Mayo, during late August.  Among the Receptions was one hosted by Lord and Lady Meath and their family, heads of the Brabazon Family, hosts at Killruddery House.  The youngest participant was Connor Brabazon, aged six weeks.  The Brabazon family first came to Ireland from England in the 16th century, settling around Dublin and the Galway/Mayo areas.