Welcome to the Brabazon Blog! We are trying to get a forum going that would be more instantaneous and universal than either the family website (brabazonarchive.com) or separate emailing. We have commenced with a handful of topics - taken from the website - to kick-start conversations. Your suggestions for additional areas of interest and emails of a personal nature can be sent to Michael Brabazon at mbbrabazon@yahoo.co.uk

As we are probably all now aware, the Brabazon Clan is not homogenous but rather a mosaic of smaller genetic groupings, sometimes explicable by descent via a Brabazon female line, sometimes due to the adoption of the Brabazon name for various known or unknown reasons. By casting the discussion network as wide as possible perhaps we can begin to shed more light on each of the sub-lineages of the Clan - worldwide brainstorming, so to speak!

The Earl and Countess of Meath remain the standard bearers of the Brabazon name, and I think we would all agree that we have an excellent family at the very heart of the Brabazon Clan. Across the spectrum of our Family we are a good microcosm of Irishness in all its cultural forms and our cohesiveness in diversity is perhaps the best testimony to the greatness of our ancestors. So start blogging and let's see where it goes!

Brabazon Trivia

Did you know......

Can Pigs fly?
In 1909 Lord Brabazon was the first person to take a pig up in an airplane!

Why is it called the “Loo”?
It's short for "Lady Louisa," Louisa being the unpopular wife of a 19th-century earl of Lichfield. Thomas William Anson, 1st Earl of Litchfield (1795-1854)  was the 10th cousin 3 times removed to the present Earl of Meath. He married Louisa Catherine Philips who became, upon her marriage, Lady Louisa.

See #3 on Cecil Adam’s website http://www.straightdope.com/columns/read/574/why-do-we-call-it-the-john

Famous Relatives

  • Queen Elizabeth II is a 9th cousin to the Earl of Meath
  • Fletcher Christian (of Mutiny on the Bounty fame) 11th cousin 5 times removed of the Earl.

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