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As we are probably all now aware, the Brabazon Clan is not homogenous but rather a mosaic of smaller genetic groupings, sometimes explicable by descent via a Brabazon female line, sometimes due to the adoption of the Brabazon name for various known or unknown reasons. By casting the discussion network as wide as possible perhaps we can begin to shed more light on each of the sub-lineages of the Clan - worldwide brainstorming, so to speak!

The Earl and Countess of Meath remain the standard bearers of the Brabazon name, and I think we would all agree that we have an excellent family at the very heart of the Brabazon Clan. Across the spectrum of our Family we are a good microcosm of Irishness in all its cultural forms and our cohesiveness in diversity is perhaps the best testimony to the greatness of our ancestors. So start blogging and let's see where it goes!

Friday, August 29, 2014

In Memory, Ann (Brabazon) Shevill 1927 - 2014

It was with great sadness that I learnt of the demise of our beloved Ann. I can only speak on behalf of the wider Brabazon Clan and leave the closer familial memories to her nearer relatives and friends, of which, I know, she has many.

I first contacted Ann a good forty years ago and since then we have together and independently contacted the many geographically scattered members of the wider Brabazon Clan. Right up to the very end Ann was a contributor to the recently established Brabazon Blog, but always more than just a technical support she brought such great heart to the Family. And it is with that deeper love that she gave her time, abilities and patience to the goal of uniting a most excellent set of near and distant relatives.

I am sure we all have our fond memories of Ann and her exploits, and mine is of meeting her for the first time in England when I took her on a trip to see the ruins of Betchworth Castle, the supposed earliest site of settlement for the early Brabazons, just south of London. As we were walking up the grassy hill situated in Betchworth golf course toward the castle I became very annoyed with the superior attitude of one of the golfers (basically, “Hey, you! Get out the way!”). I think I (heatedly) likened this person to Adolf Hitler, which made Ann burst out laughing, breaking the ice (and my indignation), and then she added, “Michael, you should come to Australia – we love a good character!”

Well, those early days of pen & paper communications and the occasional meetings gave way to electronic communications and well-organised reunions. Ann certainly led the way. Even when there was not much going on she would keep us all posted with the Newsletter, transformed from a laborious print & post exercise to a mass email. She was so very supportive when I was preparing the Brabazon Archive website and that enthusiasm in general has been key to the whole Brabazon Family Project.

Dear Ann, we shall all miss you so very much, but you will remain in our hearts for as long as there is a Brabazon Clan.

Michael Brabazon

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